Bulondo village Butansi Sub-county in Kamuli District
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About Retain Hope Foundation (REHFU)

RETAIN HOPE FOUNDATION UGANDA (REHFU) is about performing charity in directing humanity accessible to the best in sections like helping the needy, helpless street children both full time and part time in all possible ways accessible.This is attained in forms like providing food to street children, providing guidance and counselling with a purpose of fighting drug abuse, immorality, alcoholism among these street children and other accessible victims of the community like drunkards to completely change to a renewed better life by the sovereign almighty God's will all on grounds of charity.

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What We Offer

Retain Hope Foundation Uganda, majorly offers charitable work to the most disadvantaged society members who have failed to access their rights like food, clothing, shelter among others basically among full time, part time street boys and drug addicts in the society. The organisation offers guidance and counselling to the drug addicts on the street both full time and part time, this guidance and counselling is also given to prevent behaviors like thefty, unnecessary fightings, personal hygiene, home dissertion which involves resettling back those who had left their homes to street boys among others.


An Equal society with equal opportunities to society rights like food, clothing, shelter,health, Almight fearing and education when possibility arises in order to have a successful population.


To enchance community to best by providing accessible forms of charity to the drug addicts, street children both full time and part time with a purpose of instilling positivty which is the demand of the world today


To serve as a centre of information sharing about the disadvantaged of the society.

To rise the status of the common people suffering in the society

To ensure Access to human rights like food and shelter by the street boys both full time and part time

To provide guidance and counselling to the drug addicts, street children in all forms which can give them a better life.

To participate fully in the development programs which look at rising the plight of the society disadvantaged members

Core Values

Almighty fearing
Hard working


Street kids Message

As a poor kid who used to get food garbage, having sleepless nights on the streets. We thank you for the love and support provided.The Foundation has helped us to understand that we are still useful members of the society. REHFU has restored hope and confidence which we had lost. However we have regained another chance of being hopeful through the charity assistance like food, shelter, Clothing given to us. May God continue blessing those who recieve our cry call through REHFU and continue sending us any form of assistance


Management Says

As Retain Hope Foundation Uganda REHFU, Our call is that let us come together, join hands in changing the life of a helpless members of the society like street children and stop them from finding food from garbage centres but provide good meals to them whenever possibility comes. This can come in reality if we come together, combine efforts, support, love such society members.

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