Bulondo village Butansi Sub-county in Kamuli District
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Our Causes

Providing food

As REHFU, basing on the fact that food is a basic compulsory right to all humans, we consider lobbying assistance in availing what to eat to the different street children both part time and full time whenever possibility surfaces.

What we call Home

Giving the helpless like street boys hope in their lives, for us as retain hope foundation Uganda REHFU is what we call home. Furthermore still resettling the homeless street boys back to their families whenever we are supported by any one all on grounds of charity. This gives us peaceful mind. Indeed we call this home.

Income generating Project

The organisation looks at starting an income generating project if assistance is given which is permanent with a purpose of establishing a source of income which can sustain and support the objectives, Activities of the organisation even in the absence of external donations.

Counselling and Guidance

We offer a range of counselling services to help those with unproper mental health and emotional unwellbeing and instability since we deal with different types of people mostly youth, like street kids who need much attention.

Treating the sick street children

The organisation REHFU looks at providing possible medical treatment to the street boys, drug addicts who have various problems like Maleria, Diahrroea, fever, wounds, snake bites, fractures, skin rushes due to poor hygiene and shelters among others as one of the core sections to follow up in society more especialy among such members of society like the street children