Bulondo village Butansi Sub-county in Kamuli District
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About Retain Hope Foundation (REHFU)

We, the founder members of RETAIN HOPE FOUNDATION UGANDA (REHFU) in order to perform a more perfect organization of directing humanity to the best and helping the needy like street children for the livelihood in communnities, alleviating poverty, diseases, illiteracy and ignorance in Uganda through acquisition of skills, values and respect which will reduce crime, illiteracy, ignorancy, poverty, backwardness, drug abuse and immorality all on grounds of charity in Uganda.

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What we offer

Always Give without remembering and recieve without forgetting


A society which is health, Almight fearing and a success population.


To enchance community's initiative in rural Uganda for self development through helping the needy. empowerment and directing humanity to the best.


To serve as a center for information sharing in charity directing humanity to the best and helping the needy in the rural areas to participate fully in the development programs which consider uplifting their plioght of life to another level of development.


A service facility centre with the aim of sharing in charity and directing humanity to the best and discussions with the rural Uganda to archieve love, happiness and development through self -esteem system by guiding to the best in all aspects of life, especially needy, and training up a man in the way he should go, and when he is old he willl not depart from good course.

Core Values

Credibility, Accountability, Transparency, Honesty, Integrity and Gender issues.

Alternative Skills and livelihoods

We empower young people with skills and resourse needed to take up productive livelihoods and employment opportunities within their own communities

What we do?

We focus on education, skills empowerment, restoring hopes to disadvantaged people like the street kids. We help them to rebuild theirs lives through acquiring them with skills, Village outreaches and participating in community activities.


We support the most disadvanted children through education, helping them to get the most from their time at school and providing a foundation for a productive and happy future.

Medical Assistance

We provide support and advice on health, nutrition and social care to children, their families and the wider community, equipping them with the knowledge and means to lead a safe and healthy life.

Youth Development

We empower disadvantaged young people with hope, skills and valuable productive knowledge to take up and live a reasonable good important life in their communities of residence

Community outreach

The outreaches are in form of urban street outreaches, Slum areas outreaches and some times general community outreaches with the intention of changing the lifestyles and instilling hopes in the disadvantaged in all forms of charity accessible. This is another way through which we have tapped our vision of empowering this Youth Teneegers Generation.

Our Impacts (Archievements)

Resettlement Of Street Kids

We get street children from streets back to their respective homes and ensure them access to education, counselling and guidence. As Reatin Hope Foundation Uganda (REHFU), we are concerned about the dilemma of children on streets situation

Feeding the street kids

we have been feeding the kids and other disadvantaged children ever since we started the foundation. This has helped in resettling the kids to their home since feeding was one their problem.

Counselling and Guidance

We believe everyone should have an equal chance of good emotional well-being. Counselling provides the lifelong tools and coping strategies that can be refered back to when emotional discomfort return